Messenger Automation

Let's Nurture Your Prospects
With Messenger Automation Marketing

Messenger Automation is here! Crowd Multiplier designs Instagram DM and Facebook Messenger Marketing strategies in a way so your
brand can communicate with your prospects and customers on an automation mode.

Open Rate

You tend to get better open rate as the message directly reaches to messenger inbox and hardly ignored by the users.

As Per Need

100% customization of the message is possible based on the various attributes of the user. This makes the message personal.

To Direct Message

Don’t leave any social media comment untouched. Send a reply or DM in the response of post comment with automation.

Costly Than SMS

Day by day SMS marketing is becoming difficult and costly. Here you can send various media and make it interactive.

Interaction With Customers

53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly and here you can do automation to help them.

By The Customers

56% of people would rather message than call customer service. So automate your customer service support with messenger marketing.

Messenger Automation strategies will help you build and grow a list of new leads (subscribers for your messenger marketing), nurture these leads by sending them content as per schedule and bring them to a level of conversion so they become paying customers of your brand.

Whether your objective is to increase visits to your website page or get connected directly with the sales team via a call or you want to deliver a product brochure or want to take a feedback or something else. Crowd Multiplier helps you achieve these and other similar objectives through Messenger Marketing using various Chatbot platforms for automation.

Our experienced team has already built Facebook Messenger Chatbots for various industries which include E-commerce, Pizza Outlets, Bakery, Real Estate, etc.

Let’s get in touch to understand your requirements and how we can help you fulfil the same with Instagram and Facebook Messenger Marketing. Go for Mesenger Automation.

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