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If someone is searching for your product or service on the internet his buying intention is very high. How about appearing only in front of such a target audience? Yes, we can do it with Google Ads.

Waste of Money

Appear only in front of the people searching for your brand or product category and pay only if the prospect clicks on your ad.

Types of Ads

With Google Ads you can run Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads, App Installation Ads, etc. and they are cost effective.


When the consumer is researching, he is likely to start on Google. Based on his query, your ads can appear in results immediately.


Crowd Multiplier Search Engine Marketing strategies ensure you get maximum reach for a combination of keyword in your Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads. These ads help you convert prospect into a qualified lead!

These days, internet is a cluttered place and so visibility of your website and business becomes critically important. For immediate results Crowd Multiplier can help you with Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. These ads can be shown to specific geography targeted audiences with a combination of most relevant keywords.

At Crowd Multiplier, we start with preparing a list of most relevant keywords for your brand. From here, we take your PPC campaign to a level where it can be shown to the right target audience when they are searching for a combination of these key words. This increased visibility puts your brand in an awareness or consideration stage of buyer’s journey. It ultimately leads to increased sell.

Contact Crowd Multiplier right away to improve visibility of your brand through Search Engine Marketing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are Google Ads?

    Google Ads is the world’s largest pay-per-click advertising service network. Your ad appears in search results only when some searches use a keyword for which you are bidding.

    Search Ads are the most common and extremely useful ad type on the Google Ads network.

    One can easily start placing ads on Google but you need years of experience if you want maximum benefits for your budget.  Fortunately, Crowd Multiplier’s talented team has wealth of experience handling local business to large-scale e-commerce brands for their Google Ads requirements.

    What are the types of Google Ads?

    Google Ads comes in various formats and types to meet your business requirements. Based on your objective you can select a stand-alone ad type or a combination of a few types. Usually, a combination works better.

    Search ads: These ads appear on search engine result pages right above the organic results. So you can be in the eyes of potential users easily. If someone is searching for your product or brand that means the person’s buying intentions are high.

    Display ads: These ads appear in various size banners on Google Partner sites and applications. Using display campaigns you can increase brand awareness and the number of visitors to your Top of The Funnel.

    Video ads: These ads appear right on YouTube. You can select a few specific videos or even all content of the channel to run skippable and non-skippable video ads.

    Google Shopping Ads: If you are an e-commerce business Shopping Ads work best for you. Media reach ads with Image, Headline, Description, Price and a link to buy products help in conversion.

    Retargeting ads: As the name suggests, these ads help you bring back the audience who visited your website. You can retarget them to complete a specific action with a special offer.

    What is Google Ads bidding and how does it work?

    No businesses are the same and so what matters to a business varies from business to business. That’s why Google Ads gives you several ways to bid for your ads. You can focus on clicks, impressions, conversions, or video views.

    If you aim to increase visits to your website go for Maximise Click Bidding, go for Target Impression Share if you want to increase your brand visibility, CPV (Cost-per-view) works best if you want to increase engagement with your video content and select CPA bidding for conversion.

    If you are finding these words difficult to understand, don’t worry team Crowd Multiplier is always there to help you with every aspect of Google Ads.

    How do I start advertising on Google?

    Google Ads is a complex service of advertising. It needs the experience to get the maximum ROI. But, beginners can also try by visiting ads.google.com Setup your ad account and switch to expert mode for more features.

    Now select campaign goals and then decide on ad types from Search, Display, Video, Shopping, App, Smart Campaigns or Performance Max. Now you need to decide who will be your target audience based on geography, language, interest, etc.

    Now set up a daily or lifetime budget and select the bidding strategy that works for your business. To reach the right target audience add keywords in relevant ad groups. Yes, you can have multiple ad groups in a single campaign.

    Now, build ads with headlines, descriptions and links to a landing page. Submit the campaign for approval and once approved your ads will start running.

    Finding setting and managing Google Ads difficult? We, Crowd Multiplier can work as a PPC agency for your business.

    How do I manage my Google Ads Campaign?

    Managing Google Ads on regular basis is an extremely important aspect of Google Ads campaign management. Without optimization, you cannot expect good results. Set and forget never works with Google Ads.

    You need to pay attention to impressions, clicks, cost, CTR, ranking, ads quality score, etc on daily basis. By analysing these metrics you can conclude whether you need to change some creative assets, landing pages, headlines, descriptions or keywords.

    If the results are not matching with expectations you need to rework the strategy.

    If you don’t want to get involved in such micromanagement we are just an email away or a DM away.

    How much do Google Ads Cost?

    Fortunately, this aspect is extremely flexible. Every business has 100% flexibility to decide what budget they want to spend on a daily basis or across the lifetime of the campaign.

    Just as a guide, small and medium enterprises can start with INR 2000 / $30 per day for decent results. However, you can keep the budget as low as INR 250 /$5 a day but you cannot expect anything great in this budget.

    Now imagine the keywords you are targeting cost INR 50 / $5 per click in that case with an INR 2000 / $30 per day budget you will get 40 clicks / 6 clicks per day.

    For more competitive keywords the cost would be higher. So keyword research is an extremely important aspect of Google Ads.

    What is a Landing Page?

    Google Ads and Landing Pages go hand in hand. But remember website home page and a landing page have some essential differences.

    First is the difference in objective. The home page is at a glance of your website. What you offer is highlighted here in bits and pieces. Whereas the landing page is focused on one specific objective.

    The second difference is in distractions. As the home page is having full navigation options visitors can go in any direction whereas the landing page is clearly focused on a single conversion goal, so minimal distractions.

    The third difference is in the desired actions. The home page can generate curiosity in visitors to explore more whereas the landing page takes the visitor towards sales.

    So in Google Ads, you will require to link such landing pages. Depending on your objective link a specific landing page or website home page to the ads. In general, landing pages give better results.

    Why Google Ads Are Important?

    When the target audience is still in the research phase, most of them turn to Google. This means the searcher is having a high intention of buying on an immediate basis or in the near future.

    In today’s digital world every business is competing with one another for attention and so with every passing day, it’s become difficult to catch and hold the attention of the target audience.

    In such a scenario, Google Ads turns out to be blessings. With the right strategy, your Google Ads will appear right in front of those people who need your product or services.

    So to stand out from the crowd, one needs to depend on Google Ads.

    I have a small business. Is Google Ads worth it?

    Small businesses have this question, is Google Ads good for my business?

    Let’s look at some facts and figures to decide.

    You would be surprised to learn that about 86% of customers use the internet to find a local business and Google records around 63,000 searches per second.

    With Google Ads, our customers have seen 2 times to 40 times return on investment!

    That means if campaigns are structured correctly, proper keyword research has gone into building a campaign and the right audience is targeted Google Ads work for most businesses.

    Will Google Ads improve my SEO?

    The simplest answer is no. Google Ads don’t have a direct impact on your SEO performance. But, reports from Google Ads can help you build a strategy to grow your visibility with SEO. You would have exact information about what your target audience is searching now you need to use this information to better rank your content.

    Will Google Ads work for my e-commerce business?

    If any e-commerce business needs to use only one form of advertising then it has to be Google Ads.

    You can increase brand awareness, website visits, video views and sales more with Google Ads. The ability to retarget is another important aspect of Google Ads.

    At the top of the funnel, you can aim to reach more and more people in your target segment with Google Ads. In the middle of the funnel, Google Ads can help you build interest in your offer and inspire the target audience to take the desired action.

    Finally, at the bottom of the funnel, you can retarget your website visitors with an irresistible offer so you can clock conversions.

    Google Ads can give better measures of the results as everything happens online.

    Can I stop competitors clicking on my ads?

    When you are targeting keywords with a high cost per click it’s legitimate to know that there is no ‘Click-fraud’ by competitors.

    Google has already an algorithm in place which can identify click fraud based on several parameters. Google tracks IP addresses of users that click on ads by analysing data of each click Google can quickly identify unnatural behaviour which is way away from the general buyer. Google Ads filters out such clicks automatically before it impacts your ad budget.

    Further, you can manually restrict specific IP addresses from viewing your ads.

    What services Crowd Multiplier offer under Google Ads?

    Rather than running your ads based on insufficient knowledge of Google Ads, take advantage of Crowd Multiplier’s rich experience of handling various industry and size google ads.

    We can assure your campaigns will be placed and optimized based on the best practices of Google Ads. Starting from keyword research to campaign creation to the design of creative assets to reporting everything is done by skilled and experienced team members. So every single advertising rupee or dollar you invest doesn’t go waste.

    During the campaign phase, we will work on several KPIs to ensure we are on the right track and moving towards your marketing objectives.

    Are you the best Google Ads agency in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India?

    We are not saying we are the absolute best Google Ads Agency in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India but yes we are one of the bests for sure. We can assure you will get the expected ROI or even better when you work with our team

    What does cost per click or PPC mean?

    Google Ads runs on the PPC model which means you pay a specific cost only when a click happens on your ads.

    Let’s assume you are a dentist and you bid for ‘Best Dentist in My City. Now there are a couple of dentists in competition for this particular keyword. So every time you appear in search results will not cost you. A specific amount will be deducted from your balance only when someone clicks on your ad.

    How do I get the most out of Google Ads?

    Everyone wants to make the most of their Google Ads investment and that is very logical. So you should bring alignment among the following factors for an amazing performance

    Keywords, Bidding strategy, Ad copy, Landing page, Device bid adjustments, Negative keywords, Conversion tracking, A/B Testing for ads and landing pages and Remarketing

    Apart from these, Crowd Multiplier also works on advanced strategies like single keyword ad groups and dynamic keyword insertion to deliver the most out of your advertising budget.

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