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Let’s Track Visitors’
Actions & Conversions On Website

If you are planning to use Facebook & Instagram Ads or you are already using them in that scenario you must have Facebook Pixel or Meta Pixel installed on your website to measure efficiency and better targeting.

Page Visits

With Facebook Pixel you can easily track page visits and actions taken by visitors on your website. This will help you craft a data-driven strategy.

& Lookalike Audiences

Custom & Lookalike audiences are the finest things in Instagram & Facebook marketing. To take full advantage of this you need pixel on your website.


With Meta Pixel installed on your website, you can easily track conversions happening on your website and retarget those who did not convert.

Crowd Multiplier can install Meta Pixel on your website so you can track your website visitors’ actions, this is also known as conversion tracking.

Tracked conversions data appear in the Facebook Ads Manager and the Facebook Events Manager, where they can be used to analyse the effectiveness of your conversion funnel and to calculate your return on ad investment.

You can also use tracked conversions to define custom audiences for ad optimization and Advantage+ catalog ads campaigns. After defining custom audiences, with the help of Meta Pixel, you can identify other Instagram and Facebook users who are likely to convert and target them with your ads.

Broadly Pixel Conversion can help you track in three ways:

Standard Events: These are visitor actions Meta has defined such as Add to Cart or Checkout Initiate. You just collect them in the report for analysis.

Custom Events: These visitors’ actions are defined by you and collected in the report for analysis.
Custom Conversions: By passing your website’s referrer URLs you can track specific actions of visitors.

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