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Let’s Make Data-driven
Decision By Tracking Website Visitors

Having a website is a kind of mandatory thing these days on the internet. But, having a website without a tracking mechanism is just like a body without a soul.

Page Visits

With Google Analytics you can easily track page visits and find out which are the most popular pages on your website and which pages need improvement.

Actions of Visitors

People visiting your website must be taking some action. So what are those actions? Is it a button click? You can learn that easily with Google Analytics.

The Source of Visit

How people are reaching your website? Are they coming from social media? Are they coming from a blog? Is it a PPC Ad campaign? Track these sources.


Each website is having something which can be treated as conversion. If the conversions are happening, you can monitor them with Google Analytics.

Retargeting Audience

You can efficiently build an audience that has not taken a specific action and use them with retargeting ads to improve conversion on your website.

Demographics & More

Easily find out demographics and other information of your website visitors which may include Age, Gender, Device, Location, Browser, Interest, etc.

When it comes to analytics, Google Analytics is the most powerful tool to monitor and analyse traffic on your website pages. Any business that wants to grow on the internet must use Google Analytics.

Crowd Multiplier can help you set up Google Analytics on your website and app. We can set up Google Tag Manager, Page View Tracking, Goal Tracking, Form Submission Tracking, Button Click Tracking, E-commerce Purchase Tracking, Google Console Setup and Google Ads Account Setup.

If you are already using Universal Analytics, then you must migrate to GA4 at the earliest possible time. Because Google Analytics 4 is the next-generation measurement solution, and is replacing Universal Analytics.

On July 1, 2023, Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits. If you still rely on Universal Analytics, we recommend that you complete your move to Google Analytics 4. Don’t worry; Crowd Multiplier can help you set up GA4 on your website.

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