How to Enable Facebook Reviews and Recommendations ?

Can one recommend your business or brand on Facebook when somebody asks where to eat or shop or party or something similar? If, yes then you need to enable Facebook Recommendations, which was earlier known as Facebook Reviews, on your page. Let’s learn how to enable Facebook Recommendations.

Enable Facebook Reviews and Recommendations

Why Facebook Recommendations?

By the time you must have noticed your friends or family members asking for a good Pizza Outlet, Restaurant, Dental Clinic, Photographer, Pre-School, Café, Jeweler, Bakery, Caterer, Event Manager, etc . OR Many of them when visit such places they check-in and they recommend the place. Right?

As per Facebook, today every third person on Facebook uses this platform to look for a recommendation or review about something or the other.

That’s a great opportunity for marketing and sales, as recommendations by a friend have more importance than the paid advertisement. To take an advantage of this, your Facebook Page must have enabled the Facebook Page Recommendations and Reviews.

How to Enable Facebook Recommendations?

Let’s take an example of a bakery, BonzerBites.

On the left side of your Facebook Page if Reviews tab is not appearing that means you have not enabled the same.

To turn on this feature, you need to go to settings and there click Templates and Tabs. Scroll down and click on the button Add a Tab.

Find Reviews and click on the Add Tab button.

Done you are good to go!

Now Reviews tab should be visible on the left side of the page. If there were any past reviews those should also be visible now in Recommendations and Reviews section.

Now your business is open for Facebook Recommendations and Reviews.

Remember You Cannot Delete Facebook Recommendations

While it’s good to receive recommendation and reviews, it has a flip side too.

You just cannot delete a Recommendation with a negative feedback. But, you can report it.

If you are sure that a particular Facebook Recommendations doesn’t follow Community Standards or don’t focus on the product or service offered by your business, you can report it to Facebook.

Reporting a recommendation is simple. Go to a particular Recommendation and click the exclamatory mark in the top right beside three dots.

That will open a POPUP with title What’s going on? You should see few tags such as Review not relevant, Unfair Review, Nudity, Violence, Harassment, Suicide, Spam, Drugs, Hate Speech, etc.

Select the appropriate tag and click send. Done.

Facebook will review your report and may remove Recommendations that don’t follow the standards.

For any reason till certain duration if you don’t want people to recommend your business, you can do it in few clicks.

Go to settings.  Click Templates and Tabs. Now locate Reviews and click settings. Just turn off the Show Reviews button. Now neither review will be visible nor will anybody be able to leave a new review.


If you have enabled Facebook Recommendations and Reviews, you stand a chance to gain new customers. If you have a great product or service which keeps your customers happy, they will certainly recommend your business in their community.

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