About Crowd Multiplier

Crowd Multiplier is a digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, and it’s part of Spotlight Communication, a branding agency in the same city. Our expertise lies in branding and marketing, allowing us to understand consumer behaviour and create impactful Social Media Marketing and Digital Media Marketing strategies.

What We Do in Social and Digital Media Marketing:

At Crowd Multiplier, we dive into the world of digital media, particularly focusing on social media marketing, to help you achieve your marketing goals. Through careful planning, we ensure that your brand and content gain more visibility on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

We specialize in designing inbound marketing strategies that spread your branded content from one person to many—whether it’s ten, a hundred, a thousand, or even lakhs of people! Yes, we expand your fan base using a variety of tools such as Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Google Ads (Search Engine Marketing), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook Messenger Automation, Instagram DM Automation, WhatsApp Marketing, WhatsApp Automation with Chatbot and online display advertising.

Our team excels in generating leads and efficiently managing e-commerce websites and promotions to boost conversion rates. So far we have generated 4,00,000+ leads for our clients and sold ₹8 Crore plus merchandise through e-commerce website.

Additionally, we offer website design solutions in popular platforms like WordPress, Magento, and Shopify.

At Crowd Multiplier, we’re your go-to digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, ensuring your brand shines in the digital realm with effective strategies and exceptional capabilities.

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