09 Reasons To Use Facebook Messenger Marketing For Better Results

Do you believe your target audience spends considerable time on Facebook? If yes, Facebook Messenger Marketing can do wonders for you. Starting from educating your prospects to collecting email ids and delivering content and a lot other things can happen on Facebook Messenger Marketing. Let’s explore the possibilities.

Facebook Messenger Marketing chatbot

What is Facebook Messenger Marketing?

It’s very simple, an act of marketing to your potential and existing customers using messenger tool provided by Facebook is known as Facebook Messenger Marketing. It is also known as Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

Broadly Facebook Messenger Marketing with Chatbot is similar to email marketing in theory, but much different in serving the purpose. Use of Artificial Intelligence for automation is one of the key aspects of Facebook Messenger Chatbot. Users can interact with your page by clicking a button or entering a keyword for an information. Once the person interacts with your Messenger Chatbot that person becomes subscriber for you. Watch this video to know how Facebook Messenger Marketing works.

Is Facebook Messenger Marketing with Chatbot gaining preference?

This might be the second best question to discuss. Well, many researches have concluded that messaging apps are gaining preference. But, without going into those statistics, evaluate your own actions of the past few months in correlation to the subject of using messenger apps.

If you are like most people, you would notice somehow you have increased communication through various messaging apps which may include WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber or simple SMS.

For those similar unknown reasons, even your target audience is also consuming a lot of content through messaging apps. Today, globally Facebook Messenger users figure has crossed the mark of 1.3 billion and this figure is rising steadily. Which simply means Facebook Messenger Marketing offers a huge opportunity.

Why should you use Facebook Messenger Marketing ?

Each business is having a different pattern to interact with their potential and existing customers. Further, a different approach is required depending on where the customer stands in Customer Lifecycle Journey. So, at times you may want to educate your prospect with specific content and at a different time you want to cross sale or want to get feedback or may want to deliver a discount coupon. And all such other objectives can be easily achieved with Facebook Messenger Marketing once you set up a Chatbot.

Broadly, here are 09 reasons to use Facebook Messenger Marketing with Chatbot.

01 Get high open rate with Facebook Messenger Marketing

You have an incredible offer. You send that across a list of emails, but success will depend on open ratio. The more number of people opens it, the better chances of success.

If you send the same offer using Facebook Messenger Marketing you will experience much better open ratio. Brands have experienced more than 90% open ratio.

In one of our clients, we have witnessed 88 to 100% of open ratio.
Facebook Messenger Marketing Open Rate

Why do you get such a good open ratio? Well, messages reach directly in inbox of Facebook Messenger. Whenever you get a new message, you get a push notification with sound. Until you don’t check these messages, you see a red colour round with number inside that on the Facebook Messenger App. This numeric value represents the number of unchecked messages. This red colour round gives you a reminder to check it.

Further, once the app is clicked, but the message is not opened you will see unread messages in bold. This again inspires you to click the message. As a result, you get a high open ratio.

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02 Facebook Messenger Marketing gives a better engagement ratio

Each message you sent through Facebook Messenger Marketing using Chatbot can have various options for call to action. You can have buttons, quick replies or user inputs as per your need.

As most of the things can be completed with just a single click, it adds a great convenience to your target audience. As a result you get better engagement with your content.

In one of our clients, we have seen 35 to 61% of click through ratio. Much better than email marketing.

Facebook Messenger Marketing Click Rate

03 100% customization is possible in Facebook Messenger Marketing

Starting from welcoming a user with first name to delivering content based on logic, everything can be achieved with Facebook Messenger Marketing.

You can design a very much one to one experience rather than one to many. Based on the clicks by a prospect what content will be delivered such detailed flows can be prepared. This enhances the experience of the user.

04 You can collect leads through Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Today, lead generation is one of the most important aspects of business promotions. When you use Facebook Messenger Chatbot you can generate leads as well as filter the same. For this, you can create a quiz or feedback forms through which you collect data. These data can be an email address, phone number, etc.

05 Nurturing leads with Facebook Messenger Chatbot is possible

Once a lead is generated next step is to nurture the same with educational content. For this, you can plan a series of content which will get delivered to a subscriber as per the pre defined timeline. You can deliver certain content immediately and schedule other contents at a certain date and time in the future. Pretty much like you do it in mail marketing.

Here your content can be text, Image, PDF, Video, Audio, Webpage, etc. So, by the time you take a follow up with your prospects, many of the questions related to your product or service would have been answered by the content you delivered. This improves chances of conversion.

06 Facebook Messenger Chatbot makes it possible to reach subscribers in future

Most products and services need to remain in touch with their prospects. There can be many reasons like the introduction of new product or services, discount coupons, sale, feedback, instructions for installations or maintenance of products, etc. When you use Chatbot tools, a person who interacts with your Facebook Messenger becomes a subscriber. You can contact these subscribers in the future and deliver content based on various conditions.

07 Facebook Messenger Marketing is better than SMS marketing

Facebook Messenger Marketing is better than SMS marketing in many ways. To send promotional SMS, you need to be a registered telemarketer with TRAI. Unregistered telemarketers can face severe action by TRAI if complaints raised by consumers. No such permission is required from authority. Though you need to abide the policies of the platform.

When using SMS marketing you can send text and at the max a url. But, Facebook Messenger Marketing gives you the flexibility to send Text, Image, Video, Audio, PDF, etc.

SMS marketing doesn’t offer a choice for Call to Action button (CTA) where as Facebook Messenger Marketing has options to set buttons for next action.

On cost parameters Facebook Messenger Chatbot are more cost effective compared to SMS.

08 Instant replies are possible with Facebook Messenger Marketing

The sooner you respond to queries of prospects and customers, the better your chances of business with the customer. Let’s say you own a cake & bakery shop. If your customer wants to know the price of a specific cake in the night of 13th February as next day being Valentine Day, where he can contact? Your shop is already closed. Customer care will reply next day only.

The ideal solution is Facebook Messenger Chatbot automation. You can set an artificial intelligence in a way so when a customer inputs a cake name as query he will see product image and price details, etc. This arrangement ensure, you don’t miss a chance of conversion.

09 Facebook promotes Facebook Messenger Marketing

There are ample of evidence that Facebook wants you to adopt Facebook Messenger Marketing. Recent upgrade in posting feature indicates the same. Till the time only promoted posts had a button. Now, Facebook allows you to have ‘send message’ button in a normal post as well.

Facebook Button


As per Facebook, 53% of people are more likely to shop with a business they can message directly. So,the early adaptation of Facebook Messenger Marketing is a good decision. Go for it today.

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