How to Grow Your LinkedIn Network Fast with Auto Invitation

Major professionals on LinkedIn are facing this situation, How to grow LinkedIn Network Fast? We the easiest method is to expand your network to your second degree and third degree connections. In this article, I will show you a process with which you can expand your LinkedIn network easily.

How to grow your linkedin network super fast and easy blog

Why You Should Be On LinkedIn?

Linked is number one network platform for professionals and B2B. Today, linked is already having 500 Million+ active users and it is needless to say LinkedIn is older than Facebook!

While LinkedIn serves as a bridge between job seeker and employer it offers many other reasons to be on this platform.

LinkedIn Offers Abundant Job Opportunities

If you are seeking a job, LinkedIn is the place where you must go first. You can search jobs with various keywords and even set alerts as per your career interest. These alerts can come to your personal email.

LinkedIn Serves As Your Online Resume and Personal Brand

The way companies try to differentiate with their impactful website, the same way you can use LinkedIn to differentiate your personal brand.

LinkedIn provides you spaces to upload your picture, write summary, academic details, jobs done so far, current position, etc.

You should make most of this opportunity, as it comes without any investment. When a potential employer is looking at your profile, it’s your first chance to impress him.

LinkedIn Presence Can Rank You In Google Search

Who don’t want to rank in Google Search Result Pages? Hardly anyone!

But, it’s difficult, time consuming as well as expensive exercise to rank on Google’s First page. However, if you are on LinkedIn and if someone is searching for your name in google in all probability the first result will be your LinkedIn profile. Try searching you name today.

It’s an immense benefit.

LinkedIn Offers Opportunity to Connect

It is quite possible; you may forget the person you meet in various B2B events. But, with LinkedIn profile, you can send them connection request and stay in touch with them forever. This way you can increase you LinkedIn Network of professionals.

Why You Should Expand Your LinkedIn Network?

If you are a recruiter, you need candidates for various posts. If you are a job seeker, you need companies offering job. If you are a B2B Manufacturer, you need other B2B companies to know about your product and to buy your product. If you are a business, you need leads.

In any case, your objective gets fulfilled only when you are able to reach new people continuously.  For, this reason it is necessary to grow your LinkedIn Network.

How To Expand Your LinkedIn Network?

There are various thinks you can do to expand your existing LinkedIn network.

While scrolling the list of people you may know, visit their profile and send a customized invitation to connect.

Post more often as an average user of LinkedIn visit the profile once in a week, except B2B companies.

Engage with current network by liking and commenting on their content this way you will strait away you will be in front of their network connections.

But all these are time consuming. Right?

You want something super easy and super-fast to grow you LinkedIn Network. I understand. Here is how you can do that.

How To Grow Your LinkedIn Network FAST?

Rather, I should write How to grow your LinkedIn Network Super-Fast and Super Easily? To achieve this objective, we are going to use Linked Helper.

What is Linked Helper?

Linked Helper is a Google Chrome plugin through which various functions of LinkedIn can be set on automation. You can send automated invitation to second degree and third degree connections, messages to 1st connections, welcome message for new connections, Inviting 1st connections to join Group and a lots of other things can be done with Linked Helper.

Watch this video which gives you all details step by step to grow your LinkedIn Network in Super-Fast and Super Easy Way with Linked Helper.




For every individual and business it is necessary to expand LinkedIn Network. While manual process is time consuming, LinkedIn Helper can assist with automation. The best use of Linked Helper is to expand and grow your LinkedIn Network to second and third degree connections by sending them auto invitations.

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